Sunset Bust is a fictional movie, created by Paul Briggs as part of a cover story during an undercover sting operation.

Briggs received an award for Top Seizure Agent of the Year. His face ended up on the news and members of the Colima family recognized him. He told the them that he is an actor and sometimes plays a cop in the movies.


Sunset Bust is about cops who are undercover as hookers in Los Angeles. The movie ends with nine hookers hauling ass down Sunset Boulevard.


  • "Shasta" (Paul Briggs): a cop undercover as a male hooker
  • "Lowrider"/Shasta's sister-in-law: a real hooker; named by her pimp because when you pull the string on her panties, her ass starts bouncing up and down like it's on hydraulics
  • "Johnny" (Joe Tuturro): a tough-guy killer who killed a guy that was sitting on the toilet reading dirty magazines
  • Shasta's brother-in-law (Mike Warren): a cop under cover as a male hooker; his wife is "Lowrider"