Actor: Arturo Rossi — First Appearance: "O-Mouth" — # Episodes: "3 episodes"

Quinn is a mid-level heroin distributor in Playa del Rey neighborhood of Los Angeles. He is the only dealer in Southern California who sells Odin Rossi's drugs.

Character ProfileEdit

In Happy Endings, Charlie & Cortes visited Quinn as "Katie" and "Rafael" to convince him to help get back the millions of dollars Odin stole from Bello using Jangles as bait. He's skeptical because he doesn't want Jangles to come after him.

By Pawn, Quinn is fearful that Jangles is after him. He calls Briggs for help in getting him out of the country. Briggs provides him with a fake passport with the name Anthony Busca. What Quinn doesn't realize is that Briggs is setting him up as a pawn and that the FBI thinks "Anthony Busca" is Odin Rossi.


Briggs & CharlieEdit

Quinn knows Briggs and Charlie as Eric and Katie, aliases they used when they first began working under cover. When they "shoot up" in front of Quinn, they always use their own needles and own "stash" of FBI-supplied hemoglobin since they are only simulating the use of drugs.


At a meeting, they offer him $75,000 to set up a meeting with Odin. After the meeting fails, Quinn suspects they are Feds and asks them to shoot up with his drugs. Charlie grabs Odin's needle and injects real heroin into her arm.


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