Season 1 · Episode 05
Rating TV14-LV
Airdate July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)
Writer Matt Negrete
Director Renny Harlin
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"I'm just saying a little more "O" mouth would sell the euphoria, babe."
Briggs, referring to the face Charlie makes as she simulates shooting up.[src]

Complete Synopsis (with spoilers)Edit


Briggs and Charlie have made contact with a dealer named Quinn, using old identities from a time when they were lovers, and plan to use Quinn to get to a larger dealer named Odin. Charlie's unreliable former informant Whistler knows Quinn; they first avoid him to avoid being exposed, but are eventually forced to use Whistler to vouch for them. Meanwhile, Mike demands to see the basis for the FBI's suspicion of Briggs, and learns that Briggs was once an addict and now appears to be skimming a portion of the heroin seized in cases. He resolves to gain Bello's confidence to set up a large seizure and test Briggs' honesty, and finally succeeds in becoming Bello's personal bodyguard.


Guest StarringEdit


  • Arturo Rossi as Quinn
  • Devon Dassaw as Randall
  • Amy Locicero as Marsha
  • Alex Zuko as Seth


Song Title Artist Time
Shoutalong Man & Ghost 2 minutes
Break My Heart Sara Jackson-Holman 25 minutes
Holding On Ian Franzino 38 minutes


Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth," Running on the Beach00:53

Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth," Running on the Beach

Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth," Charming as Hell00:41

Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth," Charming as Hell

Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth," Customer Is Always Right00:44

Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth," Customer Is Always Right

Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth" Promo00:31

Graceland, Episode 5 - "O-Mouth" Promo

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