Hair of the Dog
Season 1 · Episode 06
Rating TV14-LV
Airdate July 18, 2013 (2013-07-18)
Writer Andrew Colville
Director David Straiton
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"'Hair of the dog'. My C.I. keeps a stash."
Briggs[src], a colloquial expression in the English language predominantly used to refer to alcohol that is consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover.


Mike convinces Bello to steal from a drug cartel; Briggs helps Charlie cover up bad decisions.

Complete Synopsis (with spoilers)Edit

Charlie is forced to inject heroin (a firing offense in the FBI) to escape from Quinn; Briggs takes her to a safe house to hide her withdrawal symptoms, but the next day she is called to report to a superior on the incident. Briggs helps her take a small amount of heroin to handle the interview, and Johnny takes the blame for the failed operation. The DEA capture a smugglers' submarine with no drugs in it. Mike learns from Bello that the drugs were on a torpedo that the sub jettisoned. He introduces Johnny (actually a Navy diver who nearly became a SEAL) to Bello as someone who can recover the torpedo. While Johnny is underwater, Bello tells Mike he plans to kill Johnny when he surfaces. Briggs then has Johnny fake his own death with the torpedo's booby trap, also secretly recovering the drugs. Mike, enraged as he also thought Johnny was dead, suspects that Briggs has taken some of the drugs and follows him to San Diego, where it turns out he is attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.


Guest StarringEdit


  • Jim R. Coleman as Agent Caldwell
  • Donny Boaz as Vance
  • Yamil Piedra as DEA Agent


Graceland, Episode 6 - "Hair of the Dog," Betray the Cartel00:43

Graceland, Episode 6 - "Hair of the Dog," Betray the Cartel


Graceland, Episode 6 - "Hair of the Dog," Rawhide00:53

Graceland, Episode 6 - "Hair of the Dog," Rawhide


Graceland, Episode 6 - "Hair of the Dog" Promo00:31

Graceland, Episode 6 - "Hair of the Dog" Promo

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