Guadalajara Dog
Season 1 · Episode 02
Rating TV14-LV
Airdate June 13, 2013 (2013-06-13)
Writer Jeff Eastin
Director Russell Lee Fine
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"Right there is Sun City Hot Dogs. They have got a dog that is smothered in sour cream, tomatoes and jalapeños. For the life of me, I can't figure out why, but they call it a Guadalajara Dog."


Briggs and Mike tilt rival gangs against each other; Mike learns that undercover life has moral complications.

Complete Synopsis (with spoilers)Edit

Mike meets his secret case manager Juan Badillo, who urges him to get more involved in one of Briggs' operations. Briggs is trying to infiltrate the organization of a crime boss named Bello, and Mike has the idea of selling Bello's men some cop-killer bullets obtained by Jakes in a customs case. Briggs uses Mike in a complex plan to complete the sale (and thus establish their credibility with Bello), but recover the bullets and incidentally take down another major criminal as well, freeing DEA agent Paige from a difficult position. Mike tries to covertly report to Juan during this operation, leading Briggs to confront him about who he is talking to. The title refers to the specialty menu item sold by a food truck frequented by the agents.


Guest StarringEdit


  • Sheaun McKinney as Eddie
  • Sheena Colette as ICE Agent
  • Dayton Sinkia as Deval
  • Lela Elam as Katie


Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog," New Car Smell01:12

Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog," New Car Smell

Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog," Screw the Book-001:30

Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog," Screw the Book-0

Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog," G.I01:10

Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog," G.I. Joe in the House

Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog" Promo00:31

Graceland, Episode 2 - "Guadalajara Dog" Promo

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