Goodbye High
Season 1 · Episode 07
Rating TV14-LV
Airdate July 25, 2013 (2013-07-25)
Writer Joe Henderson
Director Russell Lee Fine
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"Then it was over. They left me a goodbye high and I walked away."
Briggs[src], referring to the last herion injection Caza gave him before releasing him.


Charlie decides to tell the house about her bust; Briggs must come clean; Mike believes his investigation is ending.

Complete Synopsis (with spoilers) Edit

After the meeting, Briggs explains to Mike how some years before, on an unauthorized mission to Mexico, he was captured by the dreaded Caza cartel assassin known as Jangles, forcibly given heroin, then released. He kept this secret from the FBI, but Mike reports it to Juan, who promises to help Briggs. Charlie is unable to find any new leads to Odin, whom apparently no one has ever seen. Bello is short of heroin after the loss of the torpedo, and may have to cut his product, killing many users. Briggs instead has Mike suggest to Bello that he buy from Odin rather than Caza, offering Briggs as a go-between. In a one-on-one meeting with Bello, with his audio link cut off, Briggs claims to be Odin but does not mention this when briefing Charlie. Meanwhile, Paige and Johnny urge Mike to break up with Abby, but Jakes (after conversations with the mother of his child and her current partner) says he should try to maintain the relationship, which he does. "Goodbye high" is the term Briggs uses to describe the heroin shot left for him by Jangles when he, Briggs, was set free.


Guest StarringEdit


  • Fedor Steer as Ted
  • Claudio E. Pinto as Cartel Member
  • Tony Senzamici as Shop Owner
  • Carlos A. Navarro as Carlos
  • Marckenson Charles as Vin
  • Shane Hartline as Danny
  • Raheem Babalola as Derek


Graceland, Episode 7 - "Goodbye High," Burden01:04

Graceland, Episode 7 - "Goodbye High," Burden


Graceland, Episode 7 - "Goodbye High," You're Wrong00:28

Graceland, Episode 7 - "Goodbye High," You're Wrong


Graceland, Episode 7 - "Goodbye High" Promo00:31

Graceland, Episode 7 - "Goodbye High" Promo

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