Dale "DJ" Jakes U.S. Customs Agent

Actor: Brandon Jay McLaren — First Appearance: "Pilot" — # Episodes: "8 episodes"

Dale "DJ" Jakes is a U.S. Customs Agent living and working in Graceland.

Character ProfileEdit

Dale "DJ" Jakes is a quick-tempered U.S. Customs agent. He is the most territorial of the roommates. What's his is his, and he'll make sure everyone know it. He's a tough nut to crack, but underneath his shell is a truly dedicated agent with a lot of wisdom. Jakes is a bit of a lone wolf, but he is always there to help the team when they're in need.



Dating Cover StoryEdit

When he meets women, DJ uses the cover story that he is a bass player in a "band you've never heard of", that travels a lot and had never recorded an album.


Cassandra is the mother of Dale's son, Daniel. They have a tenuous relationship. Dale feels that with the life he lives working undercover it wouldn't make for a good family.


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Meet DJ - The Kitchen00:57

Meet DJ - The Kitchen

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